Care After Strapping

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Instructions for Care of Orthopedic Strapping

This strapping is intended to minimize foot pronation, collapse, or flattening which causes over use and irritation to the muscle, tendons, and ligaments in the foot. Often, relief of pain with the strapping is a diagnostic indication for the need of functional orthotic devices.

  • Please keep strapping dry and clean
  • Apply foot powder and keep it dry
  • When bathing or showering, wrap the foot in a towel and place it in a plastic bag or purchase a waterproof limb protector
  • Seal with tape on half of the bag and half on your skin
  • If strapping becomes wet, dry it using a hear dryer
  • Remove the strapping the night before your next appointment
  • If any rash, blistering, or skin irritation should occur, remove the taping and call the office
  • Wear shoes with ¾ to 2-inch heels. Do not wear flat shoes at all
  • Do not appy lotion because it does not allow the tape to stick
  • If experiencing pain, take Tylanol or Advil

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.