Laser Treatment

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Post Laser Treatment Instructions

Follow bleach instructions:
- ½ cold water
- ½ bleach
* Use a new toothbrush selected just for the toenails, gently scrub the affected toenails with dilute bleach once per week. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse off. (DO NOT SOAK IN BLEACH)


Follow Cider Vinegar Instructions:
- ½ apple cider (dark) vinegar
- ½ warm water
*Soak feet in dilute vinegar once or twice per week for 10 minutes. DO NOT RINSE OFF.
* Alternately, you may put one or two drops of full-strength apple cider vinegar on affected toenails after the shower every day, DO NOT RINSE OFF.
Need to keep nails short and filed down. Always cut normal nails first, then fungal toenails, then soak nail clippers in bleach for 30 minutes, rinse off and dry the clippers (they may rust if soaked longer)
Spray shoes with fungicidal shoe spray.
After each shower, blow dry toes with a hairdryer.
Dry out shoes well after exercising, gardening, ect.
While nails are growing out, don’t recommend regular nail polish. Use Dr. Remedy for special occasions than remove next day.
Use topical antiperspirant on soles of feet.
Wear open-toed shoes to keep toenails dry.