Rules For Obamacare

Facts about the new healthcare laws:

  • Obama Care and the Affordable Care Act are the same program
  • It is a government program NOT an insurance plan.
  • To apply, you go to the Health Insurance Marketplace at
  • Everyone must be covered by some health insurance plan by 2014. It can be Medicare, Medi-cal, PPO, HMO or any employer provided plan.
  • If you do not have coverage by 2014 , THERE WILL BE A PENALTY from the government. The adult penalty is $95.00, each child penalty is $49.50 per year or 1% of your income, whichever is HIGHER.
  • If you have recently been enrolled in a plan by your primary doctor, you must inform us. West Beverly Podiatry Group may not be a member of that new plan. Even if you are Medicare, PPO or HMO, this new plan may not include us.