Wound Care

Wound Care offered in Montebello and Duarte, CA

Wound Care

Proper wound care for a foot ulcer may prevent life-altering complications, like amputation of your foot or leg. At West Beverly Podiatry Group in Montebello and Duarte, California, Michael Vega, DPM, Johnny Huang, DPM, and the team specialize in wound care. They use innovative tools to treat and heal wounds and prevent limb loss. The doctors at West Beverly Podiatry Group are specialists in salvaging limbs. Call the nearest office or schedule a wound care appointment online today.

Wound Care Q&A

What does wound care mean?

Wound care is the treatment of a wound, which is a break in the skin or underlying tissue. Wounds may occur from an injury or surgery. When you have a break in your skin, your body is more vulnerable to outside invaders that may cause an infection. 

Wound care aims to heal the open sore as quickly and safely as possible to prevent complications. 

Wounds may affect any part of the body, including the feet. 

Who needs podiatry wound care?

You need podiatry wound care if you have any cut, scrape, or nonhealing ulcer on your foot or ankle. The West Beverly Podiatry Group team also recommends anyone with diabetes come in for podiatry wound care.

People with diabetes are at greater risk of developing infections that may lead to limb loss due to how diabetes affects foot circulation. Many people with diabetes also have neuropathy, affecting the ability to feel sensations like pain in the feet.

You can have a small blister on your foot and not know it because you can’t feel it. Because of poor circulation, the blister may not heal and worsen, leading to an open wound, or ulcer.

Without prompt care, the foot ulcer may become infected, leading to tissue death (gangrene) and limb amputation in severe cases. 

What wound care treatments can help me heal faster?

West Beverly Podiatry Group offers comprehensive wound care treatments to help you heal faster. Before creating your treatment plan, the team evaluates your wound and reviews your medical history.

They may also run lab work to check for an infection and evaluate your blood glucose numbers. Initial wound care treatment may include cleaning the wound, removing dead tissue (debriding), and covering it with a bandage.

The team may also include other therapies to support the wound healing process, such as ultrasonic mist or laser treatment. These innovative therapies stimulate cellular activity to support the healing process.

The podiatrists may also cover the open wound with a skin graft.

Wound care is essential for foot ulcers, especially if you have diabetes. Call West Beverly Podiatry Group or schedule an appointment online today.